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The Design and engineering of modern aerospace systems such as a space probe, fighter jet, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) requires a team of engineers with diverse knowledge and strong fundamentals. The Aerospace Engineering undergraduate program develops your knowledge of the fundamentals of aerospace through theory and practice in aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, dynamics/controls, and systems/design. The program culminates in a team-oriented senior design capstone alongside an individual project.

The team-oriented capstone is structured around responding to a "request for proposals" (RFP). The RFP may originate from professonal societies, industrial sponsorship, national competitions, or student ideas. Because of time and schedule limitations of the capstone course, the focus of the team-oriented capstone is on the conceptual and preliminary design phases with close guidance and supervision from of a faculty advisor and in some cases an industrial client. If you are interested in a more substantial capstone project, consider the College of Engineering's multidisciplinary design program, which offers a two-semester project that can substitute for AerE 462 in some cases.